started by teamed up with Augustin's waffles supplying the Belgian dough to the cafes and

ice cream shops in London and to guarantee the best quality / shelf life of the dough we supply them frozen.


So our clients can use the dough as they need, baking them fresh on the spot.

In between our deliveries ...

We found out that in events like festivals and weekly markets

we could approach more people and get that feedback straight away!


This was when we created the paleo waffle and later the vegan waffle!

Now, we are pleased to introduce our 3 waffle flavors as a supplier or event marketer


Traditional from Liege by Augustin's waffles company.


Based on sweet potato, they are deliciously crunchy on the out side and chewy on the inside. 

Also free from gluten, wheat, dairy, refined sugar, nuts and eggs. 


Based on chestnut flour they has a nice spongy texture.

Also free from gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar.

Everyone is welcoming:

boys, girls, mums, dads, young, older, vegetarian, vegan, if your are gluten free,

if you are dairy free, even if you are all the above!

Belgian waffle
Belgian waffle

Waffle flag = nutella, orange and strawberries

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Vegan waffle
Vegan waffle

Poached egg with rocket and roasted pistachios

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Paleo waffle
Paleo waffle

Mashed banana, cinnamon and raspberry jam

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